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Real Ghost Photo in a Historic Victorian Home, or…?

Is This a Real Ghost Photo?

See that mist in the photo above? Do you think it could be a ghost?

Folks often tell me they see a ghost in that picture, but interpretations vary. Some see a woman in a gown. Others see a woman’s face peering out from beneath a veil.

Depending on which monitor I view the photo on, I see different things, too!

About this Ghost Photo

I snapped this picture a few years ago during a tea party at a historic Victorian home in Port Townsend, Washington. No one was smoking, but I had a new digital camera and was excited to experiment.

At the time, I wasn’t trying to get a real ghost photo. I simply wanted to see how well my camera worked in low-light. I didn’t use my flash at all that afternoon. Most of the shots came out normal, or just plain blurry. This one, however, caught my eye because of that strange misty shape.

What do you think?

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