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P is for Plot Twists in Your Own Life #AtoZChallenge

I love encouraging others!

Since I love encouraging others so much, I’m sharing Creativity Memes for this year’s A to Z Blog Challenge. The quotes are from all over, but I took each photo with my iPhone. Here’s today’s featured letter:

graphic by Tui Snider
graphic by Tui Snider

P is for Plot Twists in Your Own Life

I’ve had quite a few plot twists in my own life lately, have you? Plot twists aren’t always bad things, they’re just surprising bumps in the road. For someone like me, who likes to plan out her creative projects, these unexpected challenges can be frustrating.

There’s a silver lining, though, because these plot twists remind me to focus on what’s most important in life and to let everything else drift away! I’m not saying it’s easy. My inner control freak doesn’t like it, that’s for sure. But… I am slowly getting better at the idea of surrendering to the unexpected in life and rolling with it. How about you?

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What is the April A to Z Blog Challenge?

Each April, bloggers from all over the world participate in the April A to Z blog challenge, and you can too. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to meet other bloggers.

To play along, all you do is make a blog post for each letter of the alphabet during April, then visit as many other bloggers as you can. In addition to my personal blog here, I’m also writing A to Z posts for the the Story Dam writing community. You can check those out by clicking here: Story Dam’s Writing Quotes & Encouragement 

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No matter where you live in the galaxy, Tui's books can take you on a FUN adventure!
No matter where you live in the galaxy, Tui Snider’s books can take you on a FUN adventure!

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  1. How great it would be if we all could think this way! I will remember this but I know when I will remember. After I have already reacted to the next plot twist in my life. Ah, love the idea!

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador | Sunsets near the equator

  2. Oh , how I love this!
    I have a love for aliens and I have a photo of me with a couple of them on Instagram! LOL

    I am following there and here too.

    Blogging from A-Z,

    M.M. Hudson aka Naila Moon of:
    Reading Authors

  3. Sometimes I think my whole life has been nothing but a series of plot twists. LOL!

    BTW, can’t tell you how hard it was to scroll past the spider on my iPad mini. I HATE SPIDERS!

    DB McNicol | Oh, the places we will go! | Quartzsite & ???

  4. Plot twists – I’ve never thought of unexpected events in that light before. How perfectly logical for a writer, Tui.. Yes, I will apply that thinking from now on.

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