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Full list of April A to Z posts for “Understanding Cemetery Symbols” #cemetery #history #GraveHour

April A to Z: “Understanding Cemetery Symbols” by Tui Snider


Master List of my 2018 April A to Z blog posts:

I’m taking part in the annual April A to Z Blog Challenge for the sixth year in a row! This time, I’m sharing adapted excerpts from my latest book, Understanding Cemetery Symbols. I hope you enjoy it! Each day, I’ll add a link for that day’s featured post to the list below. [Also, full disclosure: that’s an Amazon affiliate link. If you buy my book after clicking it, I make a few pennies at no additional cost to you.]

A – Alpha and Omega: What do they symbolize?

B – Birth of America’s Garden Cemetery

C – Coins on graves: What’s true & what’s an urban legend?

D – Doves can mean several things; it depends what they are doing!

E – Exedra: An ancient Greek cemetery tradition that carries through to this day!

F – Faces: The strange evolution from skulls to cherubs in historic cemeteries.

G – Grave goods: What’s the difference between “grave goods” and “grave decorations”?

H – Hands of Cohen: What does Spock have to do with historic graveyards?

I – Inspired by a book: The Gates Ajar

J – Jewish version of RIP: What is it?

K – Keeping grass off of graves: A southern tradition… but why?

L – Lotus: What does this flower symbolize?

M – Miniature houses at grave sites: Why do people build these?

N – Native American Burial Mounds

O – Obelisks: What makes this ancient Egyptian symbol so American?

P – Pyramids: What do they mean in Christian cemeteries?

Q – Quatrefoil: What does this shape represent?

R – to be announced… (I haven’t made my mind up yet!)

S – Stella Maris: Who is she?

T – Tumulus: What are they?

U – Urns: Victorians loved this symbol, but it’s a little bit ironic

V – Vulture wings: A surprisingly beautiful meaning to this ancient symbol

W – Who are the Woodmen of the World?

X – X marks the spot!

Y – You’d never think THIS was controversial, but…

Z – Zinc monuments have a colorful history

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