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Is there Paranormal Evidence in Paranormal Texas?

Paranormal Activity While Researching Paranormal Texas

Since my latest book, Paranormal Texas, is a travel guide to haunted places, readers often ask if I saw any ghosts, or had any paranormal experiences while researching it.

I visited a lot of real life haunted places while researching Paranormal Texas. I went to seances and ghost hunts, I roamed through haunted cemeteries and parks, I stayed at haunted hotels, and even dined at haunted restaurants.

While I certainly had some subjective experiences while investigating all these paranormal hot spots here in the Dallas – Fort Worth region of Texas, I can’t claim to have amassed bundles of tangible paranormal evidence to share with readers.

I kept hoping to get another real ghost photo or something as interesting as the picture I took a few years ago (check out this post: Real Ghost Photo or something else? to see for yourself!), but no such luck.

That said, after reading about the glowing tombstone in Springtown, Texas in several different books, I actually snapped a photo of it! I was really excited about that, especially since I have never seen a photo of Springtown’s glowing grave anywhere else.

You can see a picture of Veal Station Cemetery’s glowing grave in this post: Glowing Tombstone in Springtown, TX

While visiting another haunted cemetery, I snapped another anomalous photo, which you can check out in this post: Daytime Hauntings, Strange Mist, and a Mysterious Pair of Shoes.

What do you think?

Also, during a ghost hunt at the Haunted Hill House over in Mineral Wells, Texas I caught a couple of EVP’s, which I will share on my blog once I go through all the the other data we gathered that night. I’m pretty excited about those!

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