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2015 Trick or Treat Reads: Get 43 Free Books for Halloween!

43 Authors Giving Free Books for Halloween!

Last year my pal, Patricia Lynne, had a brilliant idea. Like me, Patty loves writing books, and one day while chatting with other authors about Halloween she suddenly thought,

“What if I did a blog hop where authors handed out their books for free to readers? THE BOOKS ARE LIKE CANDY!”


Trick-or-Treat Reads = Free eBooks

That’s how Trick-or-Treat Reads blog hop was born. If you would like free eBooks & nifty book-related swag from over 25 different authors, all you have to do is hop through the links at the bottom of this blog post!

But don’t hop away, yet. *This* post is one of the blog hop stops!

My eBook Treat for You!

This year for Halloween, I’m giving away a free eBook highlighting my favorite independent bookstore: Booked Up in Archer City, Texas.

About my Freebie:

Booked Up is a labor of love created by the award-winning Texas author, Larry McMurtry. My freebie features an excerpt about this famous bookstore from my best-selling travel guide, Unexpected Texas. However, since my book does *not* contain any photos, I’ve added a whole bunch of pictures snapped during my writing research trip to Archer City, Texas.

I hope you enjoy learning about Booked Up. If you’re ever in north Texas a trip to Archer City to see this one-of-a-kind independent bookstore is definitely worth the effort!

How to Claim Your Treat from Me

Simply leave a comment on this post saying “trick-or-treat,” and tell me a little bit about how you will be celebrating Halloween. In return, I’ll email you my ebook, “Unexpected Texas: Larry McMurtry’s Booked Up.”

Just so you know, my freebie will run from Halloween through next Saturday, November 7, 2015. I want to give any latecomers a chance. Please note: Most folks will only be giving away their goodies on Halloween, so hurry up and hop through the list!

42 More Treats for You!

Whee! You’re just getting started! Click through the list below for 42 *more* freebies from other authors.

Happy Halloween and Happy Reading!

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  1. Trick or treat!

    I celebrated Halloween by helping a friend move, going to art class, then watching a musical with my friends and all the candy ;)

  2. Catherine G Catherine G

    Happy Halloween! We stayed home for trick or treaters. Only ended up getting four of them, though.

  3. I will be spending halloween reading and checking out costumes!

  4. Trick or Treat, Tui! I’m spending Halloween making the rounds on the hop and thanking everyone, so thank you for joining. Last night I went to a zombie walk, so I had some spookiness this holiday.

  5. Trisih P Trisih P

    Trick or Treat it’s my 25th Wedding Anniversary and due to the storms here in Texas no celebrations tonight!

  6. Ray Reyes Ray Reyes

    trick or treat!!!
    My wife and I will be attending a Halloween party at my sister-in-laws house and we will be dressed as little red riding hood and the big bad wolf. ..HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

  7. Trick or Treat!
    I love that you’re spotlighting a bookstore!
    My family will be celebrating our son’s first Halloween with s’mores around the firepit. How will you be celebrating?

    • Tui Snider Tui Snider

      A firepit & s’mores? How fun! Our house gets *mobbed* on Halloween, so we’ve got family & friends coming over to hand out over 30 pounds of candy (as well as booksmarks!) to all the kiddies. The hubby & I are dressed as mad scientists! :) Thanks for dropping by!

  8. I plan on going to a Halloween party dressed as a writer :D

    • Tui Snider Tui Snider

      Sounds fun! Any particular *kind* of writer? Have fun & thanks for dropping by! :D

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