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Tag: Texas culture

Frosty the Cowboy

A few days ago, 12 inches of snow fell here in north Texas. Dormant spores in our next door neighbor’s soil hatched a fleeting snow cowboy, a rare phenomenon, indeed. The chilly fellow was eager to party, however, and invited us all to a barbecue. His tiki torches, alas, failed to properly light. Looking down the street, it was sheets of snow and pick-up trucks for as far as the eye could see. Except, of course, in our driveway, where our little hybrid huddled beneath a heap of snow. Brr!

Gender bending Texan style

If you know Italian, you can imagine my confusion upon seeing this sign on the restroom door of the Maccheroni Grill here in Texas. ‘Uomini’ means ‘men,’ you see, so I hesitated to walk in. The other sign, at least, read both ‘signore,’ and ‘men,’ so after standing in the hallway for a few baffled moments, I opted for door number one: Uomini. Phew! Not a urinal in sight. It was the ladies room, all right. On the way out, I asked one of the wait staff about the sign. She just shrugged and said that, ‘It was painted by…