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#StoryDam Chat: Motivation, Accountability, & Follow Through

How can #StoryDam chat help you this year?

A couple weeks ago at #StoryDam writing chat on Twitter I asked everyone,

“What do you need to work on the most in 2015 writing-wise? How would you like #StoryDam to help with your writing this year?”

Motivation, Accountability, & Follow Through

I thought people’s replies would be all over the place. Much to my surprise, a theme quickly emerged. As it turns out, the #StoryDam crew wants help with motivation, accountability, and following through on writing projects.

A couple ideas…

Since then, I’ve been mulling over everyone’s comments, wondering how our weekly writing chat can help us all stay focused on our writing projects without derailing. I came up with a couple of ideas for us to try out. If they work – great. If they suck – hey, at least we tried!

Weekly Blog Check-ins

First off, for those who want accountability for their writing goals, how about writing a weekly check-in on your blog and sharing it on the #StoryDam Twitter blog hop? It doesn’t have to be lengthy, but simply writing out your goals can help you gain clarity. Also, going public with your intentions can be very motivating.

Daily Twitter Check-ins

Simply checking in once a week may not be enough,however. Also, several people mentioned that they would appreciate some helpful nagging.

So… how about a quick daily check-in on Twitter? Once a day I’ll tweet from the @StoryDam account with something along the lines of, “Did you make your writing goals today? #StoryDam.”

Want some friendly nagging?

I can even call you out directly via your Twitter handle. If you would like me to nag you by name, reply to this post and include your Twitter handle in your comment.

What are your ideas?

So, what do you think? I’m open to suggestions. Let’s have fun with this!

Add a post to the #StoryDam blog hop

I’ve added the #StoryDam linky to the bottom of this post. Feel free to add the linky code to your weekly post, too, if you want. It will help spread the word! Also, if you find an interesting writing-related link throughout the week, feel free to add it to the #StoryDam weekly blog hop.

OK, all! I’ve run out of time so I’ll post my weekly writing goals in another post. It’s nearly time for tonight’s #StoryDam chat so I had better post this and get ready to Tweet up a storm. See you there! :)

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