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Transatlantic Cruise Sunsets and How I was Inspired by a Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

One of the first things people ask when I tell them I’m a writer is, “Where do you get your ideas?” I find this kinda funny, because to me, ideas are like spores; they are everywhere, but seem invisible until they suddenly pop up into your mind like tiny mushrooms. For instance, I recently wrote “Is Transatlantic Cruising Right for You?” for The Traveler’s Way. Where did I get that idea? From a conversation I had with a vacuum cleaner salesman.

Which Flower Do You Feel Like?

Today’s guest post comes from my vivacious friend, Laree’ Griffith, the creative force behind Ambient Muse Production Services. She specializes in social marketing, production services and creative services. As she explains: My role is to be an extension of the artist, focusing on the logistics that carry out the artist’s vision, navigating the terrain of media, marketing, and promotion while communicating with fans and vendors, all in the high-energy atmosphere of creative energy. Do you feel like Flower number one or Flower number two? If it’s number one: awesome, keep it up, and spread the love! If you’re feeling like…

Do Drugs Make You More Creative?

Anne Wayman touched on one of my pet peaves about creativity today in her post, “Lady Gaga Gets High To Write – Will It Work For You?” over at her blog About Freelance Writing. In the post, Anne confesses that drugs and alcohol do not feed her particular muse. As she puts it, “I either got lazy and didn’t write at all, or, when I sobered up what I had written was just plain awful.” On the other hand, Lady Gaga recently confessed to Anderson Cooper that she smokes pot whilst penning her tunes. I am sure that this comes…