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Photo Bombed by a Nude Dude

For today’s Friday Photo, I’ve decided to post the most popular photo from my 2013 feed. (If you’re on follow me, @TuiSnider, and say hi. I will definitely follow you back!) Here’s the story behind the picture: My husband and I were on a tour of the Caribbean island, St. Maarten, when our group decided to stop by the seaside. As we stepped out of the van, the driver warned us that part of the area was clothing optional, so if we were offended by this, we should pay close attention to the signs. I’d never been to…

Turning Basin Riverboat Tour in Jefferson, Texas

Beautiful Reflections along the Bayou Today’s photo essay features shots I took with my iPhone while floating down the Big Cypress Bayou in Jefferson, Texas. It was hard to restrain myself to only sharing six pictures with you because I could not stop taking photos. It was that beautiful! If, like me, you enjoy dreamy reflections, then a cruise with Turning Basin Riverboat Tours is made for you. East Texas History & Lore Our boat was captained by John Nance, who kept us entertained with a mixture of historical information, local lore and facts about nature. After showing us a…

Fort Worth Beer Can House – Art or Eyesore?

Fort Worth Beer Can House While a visit to Houston’s Beer Can House is on my quirky travel to-do list, I was excited to discover a similarly decorated abode up here in north Texas. [To read about more wild and wacky places, check out my Amazon Best Seller, Unexpected Texas] It’s always beer-thirty over at 2901 Whitmore Street in Fort Worth, Texas. That’s where Louis Torres began stringing up empty cans of beer in his trees. Some of these glittery garlands have been slit and squashed just enough to make them resemble Christmas ornaments, while others remain intact. Mr. Torres…

Famous Texas Tree: The Turner Oak in Fort Worth

Gold Buried Beneath a Fort Worth Tree Seceding from the United States was not an easy decision for the State of Texas, and many Texans, including Charles Turner (1822-1873) a farmer, merchant and Texas Ranger, were against it. Even so, once the state voted to withdraw from the Union, Mr. Turner reluctantly went along with it – up to a point. While Charles Turner showed his support of secession by funding a company of volunteer soldiers with his own money, he balked at the idea of exchanging his hard-earned fortune for Confederate notes, which is why he ended up burying…

UFO Shaped McDonald’s in Roswell, New Mexico

This McDonald’s is Worth a Road Trip Detour I usually avoid McDonald’s restaurants on road trips, simply because I want to taste local flavors and support small, non-franchised family restaurants whenever possible. Plus, we all know what the menu is like, and if we’re really craving one of their burgers, we can always get one at home. [CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS & READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE]

Hemingway Cats in Key West, Florida

The Old Man & the Polydactyl Cat Not only was Ernest Hemingway fond of cats, but his name has become synonymous with a particular feline genetic mutation, one that causes cats to have extra toes. While these polydactyl cats are not an actual breed, they are often referred to as, “Hemingway Cats,” in his honor. It all started down in Key West…[CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS & READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE]