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Quirky Texas: Life Size Wax Sculpture Replica of the Last Supper

Quirky Surprise in Fort Worth When I tell people that Fort Worth is home to a life size wax sculpture replica of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper,” the response is usually, “Huh?” followed by a puzzled laugh. After all, that’s hardly what we expect from a city that bills itself as “Where the West begins,” right? In fact, when out of town guests visit, my husband and I generally take them to see the historic stockyards. Sure, some locals turn their nose up at this, just as Seattlites often scoff at the idea of visiting the Space Needle, but…

Hemingway Cats in Key West, Florida

The Old Man & the Polydactyl Cat Not only was Ernest Hemingway fond of cats, but his name has become synonymous with a particular feline genetic mutation, one that causes cats to have extra toes. While these polydactyl cats are not an actual breed, they are often referred to as, “Hemingway Cats,” in his honor. It all started down in Key West…[CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS & READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE]

Playing Around at Arizona’s Musical Instrument Museum

Music lovers have a new must-see attraction to add to their wish list: The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix, Arizona. MIM, which opened in April of 2010, currently displays over 3000 instruments from around the world. As if this weren’t impressive enough, MIM gives each visitor a small infrared device attached to headphones to guide them through the museum. As you approach displays, you hear information and music samples through these headphones and can watch matching videos, too. (Frankly, I would have liked the place even without those headphones, but having them really enhances the experience.) Instruments are arranged…

Ancient Egypt and Florence Nightingale

Ancient Egyptians believed that you can take it with you, or at least you can have servants bring items to your tomb for you to enjoy in the afterlife. A playful hands-on activity at the Lost Egypt exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History lets you create your own version of this. As you can see in the photo above, I’ve set it up so The Bangles will bring me a kitty, some espresso, and a music player when I croak. We’re gonna have to tighten up that coffee order, though; I never drink grandes. Now, if…