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Hemingway Cats in Key West, Florida

The Old Man & the Polydactyl Cat Not only was Ernest Hemingway fond of cats, but his name has become synonymous with a particular feline genetic mutation, one that causes cats to have extra toes. While these polydactyl cats are not an actual breed, they are often referred to as, “Hemingway Cats,” in his honor. It all started down in Key West…[CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS & READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE]

Traveler’s Show & Tell: Honing Your Travel Mindset

Welcome to the October 5, 2012 Traveler’s Show and Tell blog carnival.   While this edition of the Traveler’s Show & Tell blog carnival includes sightseeing tips, photos and foods of the world, several submissions I received were on the theme of honing your travel mindset and making realistic travel goals so that you can get out the door and make your travel goals happen. For instance: Byteful Travel helps us cut through our mental clutter and clarify our travel goals. Rob explains how he quit his job to travel the world. Jeremy Biberdorf offers money management tips for travelers.…

Traveler’s Show & Tell: Palm Trees, Ghosts & a Micro Nation for Book Lovers

Welcome to the September 8, 2012 edition of Traveler’s Show and Tell. This Traveler’s Show and Tell blog carnival features travel bloggers from all corners of the globe. Read on to find out:   … how to pack like Chuck Norris. … is St. Augustine, Florida truly full of ghosts? … what to expect at a Tarantella show in southern Italy. … where to visit a “micro nation” dedicated to books. … and much, much more!   Palm Tree iPhone Photos I hope you enjoy this collection of palm tree photos in the Traveler’s Show and Tell blog carnival. They…

Traveler’s Show & Tell – Plus, an Unexpected trip to Florida

My week: an unexpected trip A death on my husband’s side of the family caused me to spend this past week in Florida. I never met the woman who passed away, and yet, by the time the funeral and other ceremonies were over, she no longer felt like a stranger to me. Spending time with her mourning relatives, who were eager to share their memories, transmitted so much of her essence, that I felt as if we had met. (It was such a strong sensation that I actually had to remind myself that we had not.) It was beautiful to…