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  1. Danny Smith Danny Smith

    I enjoyed your article about Oswald

    • Tui Snider Tui Snider

      Thank you, Danny! I was glad to find some actual newspaper articles to back up things I’d been hearing.

  2. Jill Jill

    I really enjoyed meeting you at the book signing on Saturday. I have so many stories to share of things I have been part of. I have been very sensitive to the paranormal since as long as I can remember. Things that would happen and visitations I received. I usually don’t talk about it since I’ve always been afraid of what others would think. The only person I shared everything with was my mom who has now been gone almost two years. One such story is when I was about five, each night for about a week I had a lady visit me and tell me stories of her, her family and a dog named Sadie. The last night she told me to tell my grandmother to stop being sad about her mother. The next day I told my grandmother of the lady named Jennie I had been talking to. I told her what she had said and the stories she had told me and about the dog named Sadie. My grandmother looked at me with horror in her eyes and said ” there is no way you could know all of this”. It made her very upset so that is when I decided not to talk to others except my mom. The lady that had come to me was my great-grandmother. There have been many other visitations and things that always seen to happen when I’m around. I tried to block it out for years but I still notice things and just keep quiet.

  3. Lew Seaton Lew Seaton

    Right after the news came out in the Dallas paper in 1973 my ex wife, friend, his wife, and I visited the proctor farm. We visited with the elderly man who lived there. I can’t remember his name though. He was related to Proctor. He told us that the dirigible exploded on the windless, not a windmill. There was strange metal that was scattered all over the farm. It had strange properties that no other light weight aluminum had. He acquired a strange disease that led to awful whelps all over his body. He looked terrible. He was told that it was from radiation. He had a hard time getting around and was in his chair most of the time. The alien body was buried under a huge deformed bee tree and had a rock placed on the grave. The people inscribed a face on the rock. Shortly after it disappeared. This is what we learned first had from the family member. Lew

    • Tui Snider Tui Snider

      Wow, Lew! That is really interesting. I’ve actually learned quite a bit more about this strange tale since I published this blog post. I just can’t stop researching it! I love hearing accounts like the one you shared! Thanks so much for visiting my site and leaving your comments! :D ~Tui

  4. Darryl Darryl

    Nice to hear you on Coast to Coast ! A great opportunity to get your name out there. I use to live in Texas. I guess it’s true “You can’t get the hell out of Texas!”. (pun intended) Again…A very nice interview on Coast to Coast ! Hope your on again soon & looking forward to it.

    • Tui Snider Tui Snider

      Thank you so much, Darryl! I really enjoyed being on Coast to Coast AM, and I’d love to be on again sometime. Glad to hear you enjoyed my appearance. And, yeah, the response has been a little overwhelming! I’m still catching up on all the emails and so forth that being on that show generated. (Hey, I’m not complaining! This is a good problem to have – lol!) Thanks again! :D ~Tui

  5. Very interested in any info you care to share, thank you !

    • Tui Snider Tui Snider

      Thank you, Dawn! Glad you enjoyed the post. :D

  6. Rhonda Herron Rhonda Herron

    I’ve always been rested in paranormal. how to have a gift to know when spirits are around. sometimes I see them as well as talk to them. But they too have to be willing. I use to live outside of Weatherford Txt. I was always wanting to go to the Baker Hotel. Something seems to draw you to there. I always felt it was Bonnie Parker, of the Clyde Borrow Gang. She always love to pretend of things about her Clyde. I believe that was a close area where she met up with her family. But that’s my feeling don’t know for sure. Maybe someday I go !?

    • Tui Snider Tui Snider

      Interesting, Rhonda! You should definitely visit the Baker Hotel sometime. Even though they don’t allow people inside, it’s still quite a landmark. Thank you for commenting! :D

      • Gray Clouds Dancing Gray Clouds Dancing

        Always follow your gut Rhonda. I would like to hear more about your experiences with the paranormal. For myself I have always known that there are Spirits around us. Spirits of those that have passed along with many more who have never had a physical body. So many of us are afraid of the unknown but if we believe in our own ability and ask for protection from the Guardians we will be safe to remove the veil from our eyes and see the wonders of Creation. No longer blind we can learn of ourselves and of the world around us and share that knowledge with others. Good luck in your adventures…

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