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Tombstone Tuesday on BlogTalk Radio

A 30-minute show about historic cemeteries

If you’d like to learn more about historic cemeteries and symbolism, tune into my new half-hour podcast: Tombstone Tuesday with Tui Snider. To listen live or hear the replays click on the links below.

Coming up on May 5, 2020:

May 2020 show link: Tui Snider chats with celebrity death expert, Scott Michaels, who is a celebrity in his own right, and you may have seen him on TV. Scott Michaels created Dearly Departed Tours in Hollywood and the original Celebrity Death webpage, Findadeath. We will also touch upon a lesser-known activity of his: Despite their fame, a surprising number of celebrities are buried in unmarked graves. As a way to give back, Scott Michaels finds ways to purchase headstones and create memorials for these forgotten celebrities. Make sure to drop by Scott’s YouTube channel. It’s a blast!

Hear replays of past shows

April 2020 replay link: “Tombstone Tuesday with Tui Snider: How to Create Meaningful Memorials” In this episode: Tui interviews her longtime pal, Mark Olson, about his decision to design unique headstones for members of his family. Did he use symbolism? What challenges were involved? What’s his advice for others who would like to create unique and meaningful memorials for their loved ones?

March 2020 replay link: “Tombstone Tuesday with Tui Snider: Shamrocks, Etiquette & Fish Sticks?” In this episode: Tui discusses cemetery safety and etiquette (some of it may surprise you!) And since St. Patrick’s day is around the corner, she also explains the symbolism behind the shamrock. She also shares a personal experience about the time she spent the night in a cemetery due to an incident at a fishsticks factory!

I will add a new show link to this page each month!

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Do you want to learn more about historic cemeteries and tombstone symbolism? Drop by my YouTube Channel and let me take you one some virtual cemetery tours! It’s a lot of fun.

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