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Barbie Cow: You found me how?

You found me how? Most of the time, new readers find this blog by searching for travel-related terms, such as “Cafe du Monde history,” “road trip to Paris, Texas,” orĀ “how to make good coffee while traveling.” These phrases lead to popular articles on my site, so the search traffic makes sense. Even when the search terms are more cryptic, most of the time it’s fairly obvious which article readers are looking for. People often wind up here from odd-sounding searches such as, “cat poop coffee shops.” Strange as that sounds, I did include an article about civet poop coffee in…

My Close Encounter with Roswell New Mexico

OK, so it was actually more of a roadtrip through Roswell than a roadtrip to Roswell, New Mexico, but I am glad we stopped by because I made two startling discoveries: The singer John Denver hails from Roswell, New Mexico. (Gasp! Perhaps his ultralight aircraft was reverse engineered?) New Mexican style Mexican food is quite different than the Tex Mex we get here in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. I didn’t see any UFOS in the sky, but I spotted shop windows and signs all over town featuring aliens galore: TO SEE MORE PHOTOS and READ THE REST, CLICK…

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