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Undertow – What Genre is this Song?

Can you help me out? When people ask what kind of music I record, I flounder. I want to describe it accurately, but I don’t know how! Sure, I grew up playing classical piano. As a clarinetist, I’ve played jazz, too. I’ve been known to dink around on the guitar and flute, but when it comes to writing and recording my own songs… I never know what to call the result! What genre is this song? I realize that musical tastes vary greatly, but if you could please listen to my song “Undertow,” then leave a comment telling me what…

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Much To-Do Lists About Nothing

Much To Do Lists About Nothing I love to do lists. They help me relax. Dumping all my ideas onto a piece of paper gets me out of my head. It helps me let go mentally, and focus in the moment. When I don’t write to do lists, I feel like a hamster on crack, unable to hop off its exercise wheel long enough to eat a tiny burrito. Not good! The problem with to do lists That said, since publishing Unexpected Texas, my to do list grew… and grew… and grew… In fact, it didn’t just grow, it became…

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Mary Martin: The Original Peter Pan from Weatherford, Texas

Talented Texan Makes it Big on Broadway Mary Martin, the performer most strongly identified with role of Peter Pan, was born in Weatherford, Texas. This talented singer and actress was also the first to play Maria von Trapp in The Sound of Music, as well as Nellie Forbush in South Pacific. In 1976, the artist Ronald Thomason created a life-sized bronze of Mary Martin as Peter Pan. The sculpture still stands in front of the Weatherford Public Library, and the photos you see in this post are ones I snapped when I visited town. I must also say that, to…

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Download your free gift here!

How to Download Your Free Thank You Gift Right click and save the link below to your computer: North Texas Paranormal Resource Guide   While you’re here… If you have a moment, check out my website and leave a comment on a blog post or two. Any suggestions? Do you have any suggestions for quirky, offbeat, overlooked and/or haunted places I should research and write about in the future? Say hi! Have you been to any of the places I’ve written about on this blog? Or maybe you just want to say hi. Either way, I love to interact with readers, so…

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Thank you for subscribing!

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Reverb11: Community in my Kitchen (and the best sugar cookie recipe ever!)

Community in my kitchen I could fill several blog entries talking about all the places I have experienced community in 2011 – online, offline and even overseas – but for this Reverb11 post I’m going to expound upon the sense of family I’ve enjoyed right in my very own kitchen. My husband has two grown kids, and one of the ways I have gotten to feel like part of the family is through time spent cooking together at our house. I love it! This Thanksgiving, for instance, we assembled and decorated a gingerbread village with them while the turkey roasted.…

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