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Travel tips, photos & travelogues from all over the world.

Reconnecting with my Shadow

A plane touches down, reconnecting with its shadow. The only way you can ever truly be rid of your shadow is to fly. Maybe that’s why we envy birds so much. Nah, I think it’s just ‘cuz flying is so dang fun. Whatever the case, Jung could surely have a field day with today’s photo. Since my plane landed in Texas, I’ve been slowly reconnecting, resructuring, and starting over – yet again. I’ve even started remembering my dreams more vividly. I’m sure Jung would approve. Tweet This Post

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Helen, the face that launched a thousand pop-up ads

This morning, I had an urge to hear the theme song from the old TV show ‘The Odd Couple.’ Simple enough, right? It would have been, except that Youtube was down for maintenance. So I tried to find the song elsewhere. Easy enough, right? Easy, yes, but I wound up on a malicious site, a site that launched a gazillion pop-ups, and would not take cancel or let me x out of them. I wound up rebooting and running my virus scanner, which snatched a couple viruses. What a mess! Anyway, what originally made me think of ‘The Odd Couple’…

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Riding Shotgun through Sant’Agata de’ Goti

Tonight I grabbed the first “taken from the passenger seat photo” I ran into on my computer, and it’s this – a shot taken whilst crossing the bridge into Sant’Agata de’ Goti in Italy. As you can see from the following pics, we literally drove through town! I don’t imagine that too many Hummers or limos ever snake their way through these labyrinthian alleyways. You’ve got to wonder what happened in the past to require street signs telling folks to keep left instead of driving through that wooden doorway. I thought that was a given. I did, however, get my…

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Bubbly Clouds

I’ve decided to see how far my ‘shots from the passenger seat’ obsession will take me this month. Before I explain today’s pic, however, let’s take a moment to grieve together over the ones that got away. I was not quick enough, for example, to get a photo of the billboard showing a 6 pack of Miller beer which read, ‘Show the recession who is boss.’ (I can’t help but wonder if the the ad team come up with that one after sampling large quantities of the product.) I tried to get a photo of the furniture store marquis offering…

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Pondering the Inflatable Elvis and Bad Realtor Headshots

I promise that my blog posts will be more than just things I have seen whilst whizzing down Texan highways, but it is nearly midnight, and it is NaBloPoMo, and it’s not every day that you see a giant inflatable Elvis. What amuses me about this one is that he looks more like an Asian Elvis impersonator than the King himself.  While I can’t say that makes me want to test-drive a Kia,  I assume it draws people in – or does it? Ever noticed how car dealerships have a thing for inflatable objects? Do balloons and American flags truly…

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Got Gun?

Spending time in Texas when you’re from the north is rather like hanging out with an infamous uncle, the one you’ve been hearing outrageous stories about your whole life, but have never met. You step off the plane, shake his hand, and can’t help but keep a mental checklist of how he stacks up in real life versus all the family lore. As a newcomer, I am still sorting through Texan cliche versus Texan reality. One that’s ringing true so far is that folks like their guns down here. I have seen billboards for at least 3 different gun shows…

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Hardcore Training

What do you mean, you go to Curves? 24 Hour Fitness? LA Fitness? That’s sissy talk. Around these here parts, we take physical fitness seriously. That’s right. We are hardcore, hence the name. I haven’t actually been inside Hardcore Fitness, I merely snapped this shot as we drove by, but it’s all too easy to envision a Spartan interior, with plenty of cement and jutting corners. The dressing room benches are cold hard slabs, nothing cushy anywhere. Cold showers, for sure, and let’s not forget the lurching, no-necked, roid-filled trainers with monosyllabic names who barely move their lips when they…

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Worth a thousand words?

I don’t know if I should even attempt to explain how this photo came about. Last night was Halloween, and the neighbor’s adorable kitten tried to adopt me, but that hardly sums it up. Perhaps I should just say something like, ‘I can haz hornet spray,’ and leave it at that. In any case, I am posting this photo because it is the first day of November, and this photo could serve as a writing prompt for those of you who are busy with NaBloPoMo, NaNoWriMo, or (like me) both. This is my 3rd year doing both, and it makes…

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About Mental Mosaic (and me!)

About Mental Mosaic: Even home is a travel destination: This blog is where I share what I find in my travels here in north Texas – and beyond. My passion is researching, photographing, and exploring the world, then sharing all the best things I find with my readers. Below are brief descriptions, with links, to popular posts I’ve written for this site. Road trips in Texas: As I discovered in Weekend Road Trip to Paris, Texas, Paris is one of those rare American towns which resists looking like “Anytown, USA” by actively cultivating its charms, which include an Eiffel Tower…

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