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Category: Haunted Travel

How to Visit the Munster Mansion Replica in Waxahachie, Texas

The following is an adapted excerpt from Unexpected Texas – my best-selling travel guide to quirky, offbeat and overlooked places near Dallas and Fort Worth. Check it out if you enjoy learning quirky facts, or are looking for offbeat road trip ideas in north Texas. Munster Mansion Replica While there is no official address for, “1313 Mockingbird Lane,” in north Texas, there is an excellent replica of the Munster family home over in the town of Waxahachie where, in 2001, Sandra and Charles McKee built a replica of the house depicted in the classic TV sitcom. Since it’s a fictional house, the pair watched and…

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Deep Creek Cemetery in Boyd, Texas: From Pioneers & Comanches to Mickey Mouse & Folk Ballet

Researching Paranormal Texas My husband, Larry, and I visited a secluded and well-kept graveyard called Deep Creek Cemetery. We’ve been visiting a lot of historic cemeteries as research for my travel guide PARANORMAL TEXAS: Your Travel Guide to Haunted Places near Dallas & Fort Worth, as well as my upcoming Field Guide to Cemetery Symbols.  I don’t know why so many cemeteries are reportedly haunted, but here’s what we found on our journey to Deep Creek Cemetery: Pretty Country Drive to a Historic Texas Cemetery Deep Creek Cemetery is a short drive up the road from Boyd, Texas. Getting there…

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Granbury Paranormal Expo: Come & Get Your Woo-Woo On!

Granbury Paranormal Expo If you live in north Texas and you get a kick out of “woo-woo” things, check out the Granbury Paranormal Expo this Saturday, May 17, 2014. The little town of Granbury has leapt into the spirit of things (pun intended!) with businesses all over town offering discounts to those who attend. Check out their official website and Facebook page for details. Granbury Paranormal Expo Exhibitors It’s only $5 to attend the expo, and there’s quite an interesting list of exhibitors, including someone who sells “paranormal-themed nail polish.” Quite a niche, eh? Unexpected Texas – Book & Postcards…

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Haunted Travel Blog Carnival!

  Welcome to the Haunted Travel blog carnival I’m pleased to present a blog carnival focused on paranormal travel and tourism. Have you ever stayed in a haunted hotel or motel? Have you ever driven out of your way to check out the site of an infamous ghost story or joined a ghost hunting session? If so, click on over to the Haunted Travel carnival submission form and share your eerie tale with us! Our first edition features the following six tales of ghostly travel: 1. Shelly Tucker presents Ghost Hunting at the Saint Anthony Hotel posted at This Eclectic…

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Famous Texas Tree: The Turner Oak in Fort Worth

Gold Buried Beneath a Fort Worth Tree Seceding from the United States was not an easy decision for the State of Texas, and many Texans, including Charles Turner (1822-1873) a farmer, merchant and Texas Ranger, were against it. Even so, once the state voted to withdraw from the Union, Mr. Turner reluctantly went along with it – up to a point. While Charles Turner showed his support of secession by funding a company of volunteer soldiers with his own money, he balked at the idea of exchanging his hard-earned fortune for Confederate notes, which is why he ended up burying…

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True Spooks 2012: True Ghost Stories

    Welcome to the 2012 True Spooks blog carnival No matter what you believe, ghost stories can be a lot of fun. Each year, I host a Blog Carnival with true ghost stories as its theme. Last year’s was chock full of paranormal goodness, so if you’re still in the mood for more spooky tales after reading this batch, check out, True Spooks 2011, too. True Ghost Stories: Diane J. Reed presents Real Ghost Photo! posted at Bandits Ranch, saying, “When I received an email from a friend asking if the Autumn leaves had peaked in my area, I…

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