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Full list of April A to Z posts for “Understanding Cemetery Symbols” #cemetery #history #GraveHour

April A to Z: “Understanding Cemetery Symbols” by Tui Snider


Master List of my 2018 April A to Z blog posts:

I’m taking part in the annual April A to Z Blog Challenge for the sixth year in a row! This time, I’m sharing adapted excerpts from my latest book, Understanding Cemetery Symbols. I hope you enjoy it! Each day, I’ll add a link for that day’s featured post to the list below. [Also, full disclosure: that’s an Amazon affiliate link. If you buy my book after clicking it, I make a few pennies at no additional cost to you.]

A – Alpha and Omega: What do they symbolize?

B – Birth of America’s Garden Cemetery

C – Coins on graves: What’s true & what’s an urban legend?

D – Doves can mean several things; it depends what they are doing!

E – Exedra: An ancient Greek cemetery tradition that carries through to this day!

F – Faces: The strange evolution from skulls to cherubs in historic cemeteries.

G – Grave goods: What’s the difference between “grave goods” and “grave decorations”?

H – Hands of Cohen: What does Spock have to do with historic graveyards?

I – Inspired by a book: The Gates Ajar

J – Jewish version of RIP: What is it?

K – Keeping grass off of graves: A southern tradition… but why?

L – Lotus: What does this flower symbolize?

M – Miniature houses at grave sites: Why do people build these?

N – Native American Burial Mounds

O – Obelisks: What makes this ancient Egyptian symbol so American?

P – Pyramids: What do they mean in Christian cemeteries?

Q – Quatrefoil: What does this shape represent?

R – to be announced… (I haven’t made my mind up yet!)

S – Stella Maris: Who is she?

T – Tumulus: What are they?

U – Urns: Victorians loved this symbol, but it’s a little bit ironic

V – Vulture wings: A surprisingly beautiful meaning to this ancient symbol

W – Who are the Woodmen of the World?

X – X marks the spot!

Y – You’d never think THIS was controversial, but…

Z – Zinc monuments have a colorful history

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Tui Snider
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Tui Snider

Tui Snider is an author, speaker, and photographer who specializes in North Texas travel, cemetery symbols, and haunted lore. As she puts it, “I used to write fiction – but then, I moved to Texas!”

Snider’s best-selling books include Paranormal Texas , Understanding Cemetery Symbols, and 100 Things to Do in Dallas - Fort Worth Before You Die.

Snider has several more books in progress, and enjoys connecting with writers and readers all over the globe through social media, her newsletter and her website:

Tui Snider
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