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T-Shirt Giveaway: Vote for a Chance to Win Your Favorite Design!

You asked for T-Shirts:

Readers of my books, especially those who enjoy Understanding Cemetery Symbols, keep asking me to create T-shirts using photos I take in historic graveyards. And while it’s fun creating mock up designs in, it’s intimidating. I’ve had no idea how to actually manufacture the T shirts – until now!

[Disclosure: I’m receiving free T-shirts for including a link to CreateAShirt in this post!]

Memento Mori photos & designs (c) Tui Snider
Memento Mori photos & designs (c) Tui Snider


The other day I got an email from They offered to print out some shirts for me in exchange for linking to their site, as I just did in the previous sentence. Pretty cool, eh?

I could use your advice

Here’s where you come in! I’ve got a TON of potential T-shirt designs, but I’m not sure which one to choose. I’ve narrowed the selection down to four of my favorite “Memento Mori” designs, but I can’t quite make up my mind…

Win one of the T-Shirts!

I could really use your opinion. Which of the following designs would you want to wear on a T-shirt? After you vote using the poll below, leave a comment on this blog post. As a thank you,  on 12/16/2017 I will choose three lucky people to receive one of the finished T-shirts. How fun is that?

Vote for ONE of the following designs:


Memento Mori photos & designs (c) Tui Snider
Memento Mori photos & designs (c) Tui Snider

Why “Memento Mori”?

As historic cemetery buffs may know, “Memento Mori” is Latin for “Remember you must die.” This grim phrase was a common epitaph back in the day! Now, it makes an interesting conversation starter. For example, you might want to wear it when you visit a friend who has a “Live, Love, Laugh” poster in their kitchen. Times certainly have changed, haven’t they?

PLACE YOUR VOTE BELOW – deadline 12/14/17:

Which T-shirt design should I print?

  • 2. Praying Angel (34%, 11 Votes)
  • 1. Hand of God (22%, 7 Votes)
  • 3. Gazing Angel (22%, 7 Votes)
  • 4. Kiss of Death (22%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 32

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  1. Dorothy Kendall Wilson Dorothy Kendall Wilson

    Really enjoyed visiting your site on this dark and rainy morn. (12/19/2017). I was doing some research, one search lead to another…I very much enjoyed the story about the “Lost Children’s” Cemetery. I lived in Arlington for many years, but never visited Doug Russell Park, or heard the story. I will see it next time I’m in Arlington. I was there just yesterday, and finally found Harris Cemetery. I was struck by the profound sense of peace there. Maybe that was due to the atmosphere: overcast and cool, a bit humid. Do you know anything about It? Or the history of the immediate area? There isn’t much left to see. For what it’s worth at this late date, I would have voted for the “Hand of God” T-shirt. I shall return to this site I’m sure.

    • Hi Dorothy! It was a close race between the 4 designs. I think I’ll be printing them all out, eventually. Glad you enjoyed the story about Doug Russell Park. I find it quite fascinating! Thank you for dropping by! Hope to see you here again. :)

  2. I like Hand of God. By the way, I am unable to use a post in the body of the poll. You may have meant for us to just vote in the comments. Or maybe I did something incorrectly. Either way, these shirts are going to look great!

    • Oh, cool! It was SO close between all 4 designs. Thank you for voting, Laura! :D

  3. Heidi Heidi

    Praying angel

    • Ah, praying angel has been very popular! I’ve even sold prints of this one. It just maybe be a winner, but I’m not sure. Thanks for voting, Heidi!

  4. I vote for Memento Mori!
    Loving your Cemetery Symbols and all your books, interviews and articles.

    • Does that mean you like them all, Kit? So glad you’re enjoying the book and everything else! It’s such a fascinating topic, isn’t it? Thanks for voting!

  5. Nancy Khaleel Nancy Khaleel

    Kiss of Death but this arrived today and it says ended 12-14-17. But it’s still fun anyway.

    • Yeah, I’m still counting people’s votes from comments here, Instagram, and Twitter. Thanks for voting, Nancy!

  6. Paula A Ward Paula A Ward

    I love the gazing angel because it looks so real. There is a prayer to our angels that I love to say to myself and I envision the gazing angel when I say the prayer.

    • I saw the gazing angel down in Galveston. Really beautiful monument. Thanks for voting, Paula!

  7. Mike Mike

    Kiss of death

  8. Terri Terri

    Kiss of Death is the best one!

    • I love that one, too! Duly noted. Thanks for voting! :D

  9. Rebecca Nidey Rebecca Nidey

    The praying angel is so serene and comforting. It would make losing someone to death a bit more bearable if an angel such as this was watching over them.

    • The praying angel was just as beautiful in person, too. I saw her at a beautiful seaside cemetery in Puerto Rico. Thanks for voting, Rebecca! :)

  10. Chris Charbonneau Chris Charbonneau

    Kiss of Death for sure ! (They’re all pretty boss though)

    • Thanks for voting, Chris! Yeah, that’s quite an eye-catching statue, isn’t it?

  11. I voted for The Hand Of God. I think it should be printed upside-down on the shirt, O Quirky One!

    • Thanks for voting, Ian! Well… if I printed it the other way, it would change the symbolic meaning. A hand reaching down like that symbolizes sudden death. Pointing up, it indicates that this person went to Heaven.

  12. Pat Nance Pat Nance

    Tough choices! I can see why you couldn’t decide. Praying Angel was my favorite & I voted for that one — but boy, Hand of God was real close. It was a toss up between those two for me!
    Good luck with the poll!

    • Thanks for voting, Pat! Eventually, I’m gonna print out all of these, I think. Can hardly wait to see which design wins!

  13. Heidi Fountain Heidi Fountain

    The kiss of death is my favorite! If I saw that on a bookshelf, I’d definitely grab it …😁💀☠️

  14. Jan Jan

    Love the Praying Angel. Voted for that one!

    • Yay! Thanks for voting, Jan! That design is winning, so far… but there are still a few days left! :D

  15. Jaren Gillis-Mey Jaren Gillis-Mey

    I voted. Love #4.

    • Whoo hoo! Thanks for voting, Jaren! I can hardly wait to see which T shirt design wins! :)

  16. “Failed To Verify Referrer”, but I voted for The Hand of God.

    • Thanks for voting! And I’ll add another vote to the Hand of God for ya! :)

  17. I voted for the Hand of God, but I have to admit, I am FASCINATED with the Kiss of Death! Any of them would be cool to have/wear/give.

    • Thanks for voting, Kristine! Yeah… I just couldn’t decide, myself. It’s fun seeing which ones people choose!

  18. Bonita Hansen Bonita Hansen

    Love the t-shirt designs! I voted for my favorite.
    Excited to see which one wins.

    Please put me in the running for a free t-shirt. I would wear it with pride.
    I enjoyed your book very much. I’ve encouraged my friends to get a copy (they saw mine and they were intrigued–good cover art, btw.)

    Such interesting things you do! Thank you for all your joyful creativity!

    • Yay! Thanks for voting, Bonita! This is exciting. I can hardly wait to see which shirt design wins! :D

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