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Month: October 2016

Trick or Treat Reads – Get Your Free Books Here!

Free Books as Halloween Treats Three years ago, my pal and fellow author, Patricia Lynne had a brilliant idea. She calls it Trick-or-Treat reads, and here’s how she describes it: For those of you who don’t know, Trick-or-Treat Reads is a Halloween event where authors put their books for free and readers go trick-or-treating to get the books. BOOKS ARE THE CANDY!     My Freebies for You: For this year’s Trick-or-Treat Reads, I’m offering: 2 books, 1 CD, and a 50+ page sample chapter. Whee! Take your pick or grab ’em all:  (I’m giving these items away from Halloween 30th,…

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True Ghost Story Round-up

Want to read True Ghost Stories? Even though I research and explore haunted places all year round, when Halloween nears, this site gets even more searches than usual from readers looking for true ghost stories. In fact, I love paranormal stories so much I even wrote a travel guide to haunted hot spots here in north Texas. (It’s called Paranormal Texas – check it out!) I also share a lot of true ghost stories right here on my website. To save you the hassle of finding them yourself, I’ve made a handy dandy list for you. So scroll on down and dive…

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True Ghost Story Anthology via @Teal_Gray & @TuiSnider – Call for Submissions:

Ghostly Doubles & Vanishing Places Have you ever seen a ghostly double, a.k.a. a Doppelganger? Have you ever visited a building only to find it had vanished upon your return, or had an item mysteriously vanish and then return? If so, check out this exciting call for submissions from Teal Gray:   Call for Submissions: True Ghost Encounters Call for Submissions: “I Am the Haunted House!” by Teal L. Gray, Editors: Teal L. Gray and Tui Snider (Hey, that’s me!)   Hello Authors, I am looking to add true accounts to my collection of personal tales of interactions with ghosts and entities…

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They’ve got me surrounded!

The dust is still settling… Wow! This last month REALLY zipped by. I’ve been home from my writing residency for 3 weeks now, and the dust is still settling from all the tornadic changes around here. First off, my elderly father-in-law, Bob, moved in with us. He’s in great physical shape but has some early stage dementia issues, so we have to keep a close eye on him. Sometimes, though, it’s humorous. (The other morning, for example, he told us he’d fed that cats. The cats, however, were meowing as if they had not been fed. Turns out Bob had put pellets for…

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