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Press Release: North Texas Ghost Hunter Debunks Springtown’s Glowing Tombstone


North Texas Ghost Hunter Debunks Springtown’s Glowing Tombstone

North Texas author discovers the truth behind Veal Station Cemetery’s famous glowing grave – with photos to prove it.

FORT WORTH, Texas – Oct. 7, 2014 — If you live in north Texas and enjoy true ghost stories, chances are you’ve heard of the mysterious glowing tombstone in Veal Station Cemetery near Springtown, Texas. Recalls Tui Snider, author of Paranormal Texas (ISBN-10: 1500766089,, “Springtown’s glowing grave was the first strange-but-true tale I heard when I moved to north Texas. I saw it on the news, read about it in ghost hunting books, and met folks who had seen it.”

That was 5 years ago, and since then, Snider has become an expert on weird places in north Texas. Her first book Unexpected Texas is an Amazon bestselling travel guide to offbeat and overlooked attractions. Her most recent book, Paranormal Texas, is a travel guide to real haunted places in the Dallas – Fort Worth area.

Says Snider, “When the time came to research Paranormal Texas, Veal Station’s glowing tombstone topped my list!”

Not only does Tui Snider share the intriguing stories and historical facts behind the paranormal activity in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, but Paranormal Texas gives directions to places you can actually visit, including a historic town square where nearly every shop has a ghost, a serial killer’s grave where EVP’s are common, and a hotel so haunted that a local university teaches a parapsychology class there.

After ruling out glow-in-the-dark varnish or a radioactive stone, Snider and her science teacher husband waited for night to fall at Veal Station Cemetery. They were about to leave the site, when the pair spotted a glowing headstone and snapped several photos.

Elation turned to chagrin as the ghost hunting duo realized what caused this mysterious glow was more mundane than paranormal. “The cemetery is on a hill,” Snider explains, “and when the moon rose, it reflects brightly off certain slanted headstones.”

Even so, Tui Snider considers this ghost hunting trip a success. “I was excited to get pictures, because no one else has taken photos of Springtown’s glowing tombstone that I know of.”

To see photos and learn more about Paranormal Texas, visit the author’s website at

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