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Month: October 2011

NYC, London & New Orleans – Here I come!

Gone Traveling Thought I’d better let folks know that I’m off doing what travel writers love best: traveling! Over the next several weeks, the hubby and I will be hitting up NYC, Long Island, London, Barcelona, Cartagena, Cadiz, Ponta Delgada and New Orleans. Plus, we’re taking the slow way home – a transatlantic cruise. Internet access on cruises is the worst of all worlds: it’s not just slow, it’s pricey. As a result, my ability to respond to blog comments and emails is going to be pretty iffy until our return, November 15th. However, not only do we have a…

Review: Behind the Screams at Moxley Manor Haunted House

Moxley Manor’s rooms, corridors and cubbyholes are spread across 6,000 square feet. And, believe me, it feels even bigger as you wander through that labyrinthian interior in semi-darkness, trying desperately to find your way out. Despite our prior tour in full daylight, when the time came to experience Moxley Manor Haunted House at full throttle, it was quite different, and by “different” I mean “scary!”

True Ghost Stories: Cleanliness is next to Ghostliness

For this year’s True Spooks: Share Your True Ghost Story blog carnival, I’m going to share a couple strange experiences I’ve had, experiences that I can’t quite explain away. Both of them have to do with money appearing out of nowhere. I wish I could say pots of gold magically appeared on my doorstep, but that’s not the case. While that’s probably what would happen in a movie; in real life, odd experiences tend to be much more subtle.

True Spooks: Share Your True Ghost Story 2012

    Do you have a ghost story to share?       Do you have a true ghost story to share? Are you a ghost hunter who blogs about their experiences? Have you ever lived in a haunted house? Have you ever visited haunted places? Have you taken photos that you feel contain paranormal elements?     If so, True Spooks is the blog carnival for you. Tell us about your spooky experiences, haunted places, eerie photographs, EVP’s, orbs and any other paranormal experiences you have had. Your experiences don’t need to be scary, but they do need to…

Kensal Green: a Historic Victorian Graveyard in London

Earlier this week, I wrote an article called Visiting Kensal Green Cemetery in London for The Traveler’s Way. As often happens, researching an article renews my interest in the site, and makes me want to visit again! I always end up learning way more information than the article’s word count can fit, and when using my own photos, I wind up with extras that I wish I could have shared. This time around, I figured, “Hey, why not post a few of those extra photos on my blog?” So here you go, gentle reader. The Magnificent Seven Kensal Green Cemetery…